Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sen. Bill Nelson endorses Keith Fitzgerald for Congress

Here's the press release from the Keith Fitzgerald for Congress campaign:

Senate candidate Connie Mack endorsed his fellow Congressman Vern Buchanan for re-election on Wednesday. 
“Congressmen Buchanan and Mack both vote for unbalanced budgets, fight to privatize Medicare, and support redefining rape,” Keith Fitzgerald said. “They make a perfect pair.” 
Buchanan, who has been mascaraing as a moderate, votes partisan with his party more often than Mack in the dysfunctional Tea Party Congress, according to 
Senator Bill Nelson, who in 2006 carried 57 percent of the vote in Sarasota, offered his own Congressional endorsement on Wednesday. 
"Keith Fitzgerald will be a strong voice in the U.S. House of Representatives for helping the middle class and protecting the promises we have made to our seniors,” Senator Nelson said. “I look forward to working with him to continue the fight for Florida's families." 
Nelson is the latest in a succession of moderate statesman to back Keith Fitzgerald.  On Saturday, former Senator Bob Graham and Governor Charlie Crist appeared together in Sarasota to endorse Fitzgerald.


  1. LOL...amazing how the policy chair of the democratic party can label himself a "moderate statesman." I love this guy!

  2. I forgot Bill Nelson was even a Senator from Florida up until this election season. That not what I expect our US Senator to be..a forgotten, out of sight person. Bill Nelson needs to go because, frankly, he's useless.

  3. That endorsement alone should be reason enough to not vote for Nelson, aka The perfect Crime.

  4. like his friend oweboma hes worse than useless hes dangerous because like obama he only cares about his twisted agenda and the needs and wishes of the people of florida and america mean zero to these leftists