Monday, October 15, 2012

Republican environmental group endorses Vern Buchanan for Congress

ConservAmerica, a national grassroots organization of conservation-minded Republicans, is pleased to endorse Congressman Vern Buchanan for re-election to the House from Florida's 16th District. 
"Congressman Buchanan is a practical businessman who is willing to rise above partisanship to safeguard our quality of life and to find balanced environmental and energy solutions," ConservAmerica President Rob Sisson said. 
"Congressman Buchanan understands the economic benefits that a clean environment brings to his Gulf Coast district and to America overall," ConservAmerica Vice President for Government Affairs David Jenkins said. "During his career in the House, he has fought to protect Florida's Gulf Coast and its tourism-based economy from the risks of offshore oil drilling. He has led efforts to stop Cuba from drilling in waters only 50 miles from Florida’s coast." 
Congressman Buchanan has authored legislation eliminating liability limits for oil spills.
"Conservatives believe that individuals and organizations should be fully responsible for their actions. Congressman Buchanan's bill would require oil companies to take full responsibility for oil spills and not shift costs to taxpayers," Jenkins said. 
"Vern Buchanan has called for a balanced energy plan that would give America more energy choices and provide much-needed competition for oil in the transportation energy market. He understands the importance of efficiency as the foundation of any truly conservative energy policy, and accordingly supports strong motor vehicle fuel economy standards," 
ConservAmerica Vice President for Policy Jim DiPeso said.
"Congressman Buchanan is an independent conservative leader who has served his district, Florida, and the country well. We urge voters in the 16th District to return Vern Buchanan to the House for another term," Sisson said.

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