Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fitzgerald's spokesman tells Buchanan's campaign manager to quit 'misleading' voters

In the latest salvo in an increasingly bitter back and forth between U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan and Democrat Keith Fitzgerald, the challenger's new communications director, Matt Harringer, this afternoon sent the following email to Buchanan's campaign manager, Sally Tibbetts.

The bottom line may go something like this: Tell your boss to quit lying about my boss.

Harringer got the job after Fitzgerald fired his first communications director after it was learned that Ana Maria Rosato had written on a private blog several posts highly critical of Republicians, Catholics and others.

In response, Buchanan's campaign has been relentless in demanding that

Read it for yourself below the fold.

October 11, 2012

Sally Tibbetts
Campaign Manager
Vern Buchanan for Congress

Ms. Tibbetts,

I’m writing to inform you Keith Fitzgerald has gone on the record
numerous times with several reporters to disavow and condemn the
comments a former staffer made on her personal blog.

When Keith was made aware of the comments, he took responsibility and
immediately fired the spokesperson.

Let me clarify a second point, Keith Fitzgerald does not believe
Republicans hate any group of people. Keith has many Republican
supporters and friends, and as a Representative in the Florida House,
Keith sponsored 62.3 percent of legislation with Republicans. This
percentage was highest in 2009, when 72.7 percent of the bills he
sponsored included Republicans as cosponsors.

Vern Buchanan on the other hand has voted lockstep with the
dysfunctional Republican Tea Party Congress more than 94 percent of
the time.

Now that you’re aware of the facts, I expect your campaign will take
responsibility for the misleading ad unlawfully sneaking into
mailboxes and your new website, which incorrectly states Fitzgerald
has refused to denounce the comments.

Of course, without political stunts, Vern Buchanan would have to
explain to voters why he twice voted to end Medicare, and to cut
nursing home and home-care benefits for Suncoast seniors.

Keith Fitzgerald doesn’t believe Vern Buchanan hates any group of
people, but the voters of Sarasota and Manatee counties know Vern’s
votes are bad for women, bad for the middle class and bad for our

Since corrupt Congressman Vern Buchanan has moved to Washington, the
only group to see their lives improve is Vern and his rich friends.


Matt Harringer
Communications Director
Keith Fitzgerald for Congress


  1. Has he, now? I haven't seen him "disavow" them anywhere. I've seen him "refuse further comment," though.

  2. I'm so glad a no-name staffer has denounced Fitzgerald's hate-rant instead of the guy actually running for Congress. Classy, Keith.