Friday, October 12, 2012

Jeb Bush endorses Vern Buchanan for Congress

Jeb Bush (AP photo)

U.S. Vern Buchanan on Friday matched his Democratic challenger Keith Fitzgerald in endorsements from from former Republican governors of Florida -- albeit Buchanan's comes from a former chief executive still proud to call himself part of the GOP.

Three days after the now-independent Charlie Crist endorsed Fitzgerald, his immediate predecessor has endorsed Buchanan, the congressman's campaign announced Friday.

Here is the news release from Buchanan's campaign:

SARASOTA, FL – U.S. Representative Vern Buchanan, R-FL, announced today that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has endorsed Buchanan for re-election. 
“I have known Vern Buchanan as a businessman and a Congressman,” said Gov. Bush.  “He is honest, independent, and fighting every day in Washington to grow the economy, create jobs, control spending and strengthen Medicare.  We need more people like Vern Buchanan in Congress -- a self-made businessman, not a career politician.  He is working for you.” 
Jeb Bush is a highly sought after political leader.  The popular former Governor is often praised for his intellect, candor and stability. 
“Jeb Bush is one of Florida’s most respected public servants and policy makers,” said Buchanan.  "He is a principled leader whose steady leadership helped reform the state’s education system and improve the economy.  I am honored to have Jeb’s endorsement.” 
The Washington Post calls Bush “a successful two-term governor, with a record of reform and a inclusive attitude when it comes to courting voters and governing.” 
Politico notes that “More than three years after he left the governorship,Bush is still one of a handful of national Republicans who are frequently called on for political and policy advice.” 
Florida’s 16th District is comprised of all of Sarasota County and most Manatee County.  Bush won 59.37% percent of the vote in Sarasota and Manatee counties in his last election. 


  1. An endorsement from a Governor that people actually liked.

  2. Who cares what Jeb Bush thinks ???

  3. An endorsement from one of the most Machiavellian elected officials in history is good for Mr. Buchanan? The people of Florida are not so stupid as to have forgotten what a mess the Buch brothers put us in. Go home JEB and stay there.