Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Senate redistricting plan would split Manatee among 3 Congressional districts

The Congressional redistricting plan approved by the Florida Senate on Tuesday would split Manatee County among three districts, according to a review of the map.

But whether that is what eventually be adopted still waits to be determined. The Florida House will vote next week on a Congressional redistricting plan. None of the three plans approved by a House committee would divide Manatee among three districts.

Under the Senate's plan, most of the county west of Interstate 75 would be included in a district that would stretch along the coast through Sarasota County and into Charlotte County. Half of the district's residents would live in Sarasota County; about 30 percent in Manatee; and 20 percent in Charlotte.

Neighborhoods in Bradenton and Palmetto would be included in a district that would stretch down from the Tampa area. Those residents would make up about 5.9 percent of the district.

The biggest change proposed would take Lakewood Ranch, Parrish and other areas east of I-75 and include it in a district made up of a large chunk of the central part of the state stretching from near Okechobee in the east, Lakeland in the north and Fort Myers in the south.

Parts of 11 counties would be in the district. The Manatee portion would be home to about 73,000 people, or 10.5 percent of the district's residents, the third-largest share behind Polk, 26.1 percent; Highlands, 14.2 percent; Hillsborough, 14 percent; and Lee, 12.2 percent. Sarasota County residents would make up about 3.9 percent of the district.

You can view the proposed map here, and get more information about the plan here.

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