Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Duggar family of TV fame stumping with Santorum

Members of the Duggar family in Punta Gorda. (Photo by Richard Dymond)

PUNTA GORDA  - Believe it or not, the Duggar family was in Punta Gorda Tuesday.

So, what was the family famous for the TV show, "19 Kids & Counting" from the TLC network doing at a political rally in a Punta Gorda waterfront park?

The answer is that Jim Bob Duggar and his wife, Michelle, are so sold on Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, he of the "family values" platform, that they loaned Santorum their huge 2003 Prevost RV bus, painted "Santorum For President" on the side and are out stumping with him and for him.

"We bought the Prevost as a bank repo," Jim Bob Duggar said. "It has 12 bunks. We lettered Rick's name on the side."

"We share many of Rick's views," added Duggar, who has 10 biological sons and nine biological daughters with Michell. "We agree with Rick that if we could drill more for oil and if we had gotten that pipeline deal through, gasoline prices would drop to $2 a gallon and it would stimulate the economy."

Duggar also applauds Santorum's 21-year marriage and seven children.

"He knows what it is like in America today to raise a family," said Duggar who lost a baby girl, named Jubilee Shalom, when his wife had a recent miscarrage.

Duggar spoke to the crowd in Punta Gorda and urged every person to call 10 people and tell them about Santorum.

"Then, hopefully, those 10 will call 10 more," Duggar said.

This is the way Santorum's low budget campaign has to work, Duggar added.

 "He's being out-spent here on the campaign trail 100 to one but, with grassroots support, he could win Florida," Duggar said.
 - Richard Dymond


  1. ok,I've told 1 voter about Santorum's threat to American freedom. Now need to tell 9 more.

  2. agreed, female voter. thankfully this guy will never make it into office.

  3. Agreed, female voter. Thankfully, this guy will never make it into office. And thankfully neither will anyone in the Duggar clan!

  4. Duggars/Santorum...my mother was right! Birds of a feather, etc.

  5. That's pretty much the type of support that "Ricky" attracts.....Uneducated and boardering on illiterate.

  6. What's with Jim Bob's and The Rickster's obsession with homosexuality? For a couple of straight guys they talk about gays an awful lot.
    I am a Christian and I fail to see any evidence of the best qualities of Christians in either Dictator Duggar Dad or Rick Santorum. They're scam artists who use their so-called righteousness to preach hatred and fear and to advance their evil agenda.
    Let's hope our nation returns to sanity before it's too late.