Wednesday, January 20, 2010

McClash endorses Hometown Democracy (UPDATED)

Joe McClash was first elected in 1990 to make decisions for the county as a member of the board of county commissioners. But 20 years later, there are still some choices he thinks the electorate needs to decide for itself.

McClash this afternoon will announce that he is personally endorsing - that is, as an individual and presumably not on behalf of his colleagues on the county commission who bristle when anyone thinks McClash might be speaking for them - the Hometown Democracy measure on the November general election ballot.

If approved by 60 percent of voters, Amendment 4 would instill a large dose of direct democracy into development planning by requiring an election every time a county or city wanted to change its respective comprehensive plan.

Those decisions are now left to the public's elected representatives like McClash - which in turn, according the measure's backers, has caused great peril for the state.

"With Amendment 4, your power to vote on growth will enable you to preserve your neighborhood and your community and protect the value of your home," states the Florida Hometown Democracy Web site organized by backers of the measure.

McClash confirmed that he would would be endorsing Amendment 4 but deferred comment until a 2 p.m. news conference set for today at the old Manatee County courthouse in downtown Bradenton.

UPDATED, 4:25 p.m.

McClash said approval of Amendment 4 would be a needed counterweight against the influence of Shroeder Manatee Ranch and other developers.

Read his statement here.

--- Marc R. Masferrer


  1. Great News! We're on a roll for FHD.

  2. If you want the economy to stay the way it is or get worse, then vote for amendment 4. Even if you disagree with current practices, this amendment is not the answer. Before you make a decision, why not educate yourself by looking at a comprehensive plan amendment which can be hundreds of pages long. This measure would require summarizing hundreds of pages in 70 words or less and putting it up to a vote. We elect public officials to make these educated decisions for us. Amendment 4 will keep business and develoment from coming to this state and that means less jobs at a time when we are desperately trying to bring people back to Florida. Why don't we focus our efforts on things that will stimulate our economy abd create more jobs? We can plan for growth and be smart about development but this proposal is definitley not the answer. SHOW AMENDMENT 4 THE DOOR!

  3. Not so, Ms Gray. You've been drinking the developers' Kool-Aid. Guess who caused today's collapsed economy -- out-of-control developers and the politicians who gave them -- against public outcry -- permission for all sorts of comp plan exceptions to overdevelop and cause this mess and harm so many people. Amendment 4 will promote rational planning, and keeping to our rational plans, which is what we all want. Who wants a gigantic development being built on land designated "rural" right beside our homes. There go our property values, AND our quality of life, and UP go our taxes to provide the roads, schools, fire, police, libraries, sewer, water, etc. Need I say more. Businesses considering relocating in YOUR hometown will want the very same things that you want, and there's a huge surplus not only of already built commercial/industrial buildings, but huge acreage already designated for such businesses ALREADY. Where? On our comp plans. Businesses will want to see that they're moving into a stable, harmonius, well governed, well planned community with uncongested roads, uncrowded schools, etc. Thanks to developer greed and the paid off politicians we see doing their perp walks every other day, Florida is #1 in political corruption, and the laughing stock of the nation as far as election rigging goes. What business would want to move into such an area? Amendment 4 isn't the FULL answer, but it's a good part of it. Visit and get the straight story. And by the way, while you admit that the system is broken, don't let "perfect" be the enemy of "good"! Amendment 4 is GOOD FOR FLORIDA, GOOD FOR THE FUTURE, and -- I guarantee it (unless you're a greedy developer or a pol on the take) GOOD FOR YOU TOO!

  4. Amendment 4 is the wrong answer. I want job promoting measures that will stimulate the economy. Please educate yourself on this issue and look to pinellas county-- where they are repealing a law like this because of how horrible it's been for the economy!


  6. Vote yes on 4 and SLAM THE DOOR on political corruption in Florida !