Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In wake of hometown loss, Crist goes on attack (UPDATED)

The home fires, at least when it comes to the race for the Republican Party's U.S. Senate nomination, are not burning for Charlie Crist.

Pinellas County native Crist on Monday was dealt an embarrassing - albeit only symbolic - blow Pinellas GOP activists gave Crist's rival Marco Rubio a big - albeit only symbolic - win in a straw poll.

"I volunteered for Charlie for nine years. I love Charlie as a person. If he was here, I would give him a big hug. He actually called me about this (straw poll) yesterday," said Wilna Varney of Largo, who voted for Rubio. "But I'm a more conservative person, and I'm going to support the more conservative candidate."

Brushing off the defeat, Crist this morning unveiled a new Web ad that alleges that when it comes to issues conservatives like Varney care about, Rubio is flip-flopper:

On Wednesday, Rubio responded:

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