Monday, July 30, 2012

Who paid to link Joe McClash with Barack Obama?

A campaign mailer that arrived in local mailboxes over the weekend links Manatee County Commissioner Joe McClash with the "liberal views" of Barack Obama, complete with a sepia-toned photo illustration of the McClash next to the president.

A disclaimer says the mailer, which slams McClash for positions taken by his online newspaper, the Bradenton Times, is a "Paid Electioneering Communication paid for by Take Back Our Government.," without say what or who that exactly is.

A few keystrokes on the Internet reveals some answers.

The Florida Division of Elections lists Take Back Our Government, which has mailed out several anti-McClash advertisements, as a Sarasota-based "electioneering campaign organization" chaired by Robert Waechter, a member of the Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority.

Between May 29 and July 20, Take Back Our Government spent a total of  $17,869.48 of the $27,000 in contributions it has received from a single donor -- Florida West Coast Holdings, LLC, with a listed address of 2212 58th Ave. E., Bradenton.

That address is shared by several development companies, including Medallion Home, whose president, Carlos Beruff, is a frequent campaign contributor and who alongside Waechhter, sits on the airport board.

Other firms that use the same address have donated a total of at least $19,500 to the campaign of McClash's opponent in the Aug. 14 Republican primary, Betsy Benac. That amounts to about 12 percent of the more than $78,000 she had raised as of July 20, according to reports filed with Manatee County elections office.


  1. I recieved one yesterday. Straight to the shredder.

  2. The dirtier you folks fight, the more the rest of us wish to make sure your candidate does not get in and will vote for McClash to stay in office.
    I so hope the lying, conniving, mud you are flinging, flies right back into your faces!

  3. This kind of stuff just shouldn't be allowed. Small town politics at its best right here.

  4. This post card confirms why the develophers put in a write in candidate to close/manipulate the primary so only republicans can vote WOW. Really comparing McClash to Obama you racist dont VOTE BENAC

  5. Other than being a Republican, Joe McClash is a decent guy. He sticks up for working and low-income people, and that apparently angers the Satanists around here.

    If you are a rich, greedy person who wants to ruin our environment, and you get your kicks stomping on people who work for a living (or are retired after working all their lives), please vote against Joe McClash.

    If you are an AMERICAN, please vote FOR him.

  6. Must be an ugly primary when even the local GOP is willing to throw one of our own under the bus with such force.

    The Benac campaign must think we're all very stupid if they think we'd fall for such an amateurish campaign flyer.

  7. I WAS going ot vote for Benac...from what I have seen in the last week or two she lost my vote.

  8. Where there is smoke there is fire. McClash must be feeling the heat to complain to the press about his campaign. Side of flyer not shown lists the similarities and they are all backed up.

    1. Right you are. McClash sides with Obama.

    2. Backed by whom? Or what?
      Site: a) effect b) cause c) source.

  9. Carlos Beruff a/k/a Medallion used the defective Chinese drywall in the homes he built in Manatee in 2010 and then refused to replace or fix them causing Manatee citizens to pay it themselves or loose their homes. His Sarasota Attorney Tannebaum said Carlos did not have the money to fix the houses but a few months later paid over two million for more land to stick it to more home buyers.
    Is this the kind of person we want calling the shots for Betsy Benac? I hope the voters connect the dots.

  10. The only thing I know about McClash was when I saw him almost fall over trying to greet the leftist Kelly Kirschner at a political event. Let him deny they aren't old political buddies. My vote is for Benac!

  11. Both Waechter and Beruff should resign their positions on the airport authority board. This is a desperate attempt to get another developer commissioner on the BOCC. Beruff is also the developer that used Chinese drywall in homes and refused to replace it. Wonder how that ended.

    Vote for Joe McClash

  12. While I will agree this time they found a person who is a viable candidate, she is just another agent (3rd) in a Quest to get Joe out of office.
    The same names behind the candidate, money coming from the same sources, sending the same, tired, haalf truths and paying OUT OF STATE printers to shovel their dirt.
    My question is;
    Where are all the folks wanting homes and busnesses built?
    Where are the banks who are going to dole out loans?
    This story of Joe, holding up construction all by himself, is quite a claim.

  13. Joe McClash is our last line of defense against the rubber stamping of the out of state developers who would destroy every last speck of greenery we have left. The developers own the rest of the board. Don't give Benac the rubber stamp.