Monday, July 16, 2012

Bob Gause holds fund-raising lead in Manatee school board race

Manatee School Board member Bob Gause holds an almost 2-to-1 fund-raising lead over challenger Linda Schaich, but Schaich may have stronger momentum heading into the Aug. 14 primary.

Gause has raised a total of $27,625. That includes $2,250 raised between April 1 and July 6, the period covered by the most recent filings.

In that same three-month period, Schaich collected more than $10,700 in contributions -- including a $5,200 loan from herself to her campaign -- bringing her total haul so far to more than $15,000.

On the spending side, the candidates are closer. As of July 6, Gause had spent more than $4,900, and Schaich had spent just under $4,100.

For a detailed look at the candidates' reports, including list of donors, go here.

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