Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Manatee Sheriff Brad Steube holds on to big fund-raising lead

Manatee Sheriff Brad Steube took in less than $2,000 in political contributions for his re-election during the second quarter of 2012, but he still had almost $100,000 in the bank heading into the Aug. 14 vote, according to reports filed with the Manatee elections office.

That's compared to challenger William Waldron, who had about $500 in the bank.

Waldron reported taking in more than $8,200 -- including an $8,000 loan from himself. But he also reported spending more than $8,600. Counting previously reported amounts, Waldon's political account held a balance of  $518.24.

As of July 6, Steube had spent more than $20,300 on his re-election effort.

Steube has a raised a total of $118,100. Among all candidates for local offices in Manatee, only state Sen. Mike Bennett, who is running for elections supervisor, has raised more, $121,800. (Incidentally, Steube has endorsed one of Bennett's rivals, Edward A. Bailey, for the GOP nomination for elections supervisor)

The sheriff's race will be decided Aug. 14 because Steube and Waldron, both Republicans, are the only candidates in the race. All registered voters can cast ballots in the race.

For a detailed look at the candidates' latest finance reports, including the names of donors, go here.


  1. Hard to raise money when folks are afraid to contribute because they fear retribution. Some folks are afraid to contribute because their kids work at MSO. Businesses are afraid a campaign donation may have consequences for their business. Some folks are afraid a bumper sticker might get you pulled over, probable cause or not.

    Afraid to contribute...what a sad situation. That alone is reason for a new sheriff. Chip Shore once said everyone scared to death of Charlie Wells. What? Now Steube too?

    The same folks contribute to Steube as did to Wells. Look at the finacial reports.Do we really want to continue this dynasty? There have been too many fiasco's under Steube's watch, Delta, missing evidence, theft at the jail farm. Jail maintenance was neglected until the accredidation folks were commming to inspect. Then Steube has the nerve to ask Manatee BCC for money to repair the neglect.

    All this may be, but what happens in the voting booth is another story.

  2. You must be referring to mike Bennett not Steube, after all, he is the one that has a questionable past

  3. brad steube has a wopping 120,000 dollars to spent for lil ole manatee county sheriff job.there are signs on every corner some sign are blocks apart why would a county sheriff need this much money to run.why because he's lost the trust of the resident of manatee county im sick ok hearing all the cover in our own sheriff department. We look to the sheriff for justice.a great sheriff only needs his own track record to run for sheriff.mr steube makes 140,000 dollars he will spend 120,000 dollars in under a month only 20,000 dollars less then what he makes all year.people are broke tring to get by and this sheriff needs more and more of your tax dollars its never going to end.he's covered up for the people at the farm now the tax payers going to pay for this for many many years.the good ole boy system is strong .when enough enough 100 million dollars to keep manatee county safe each year do you feel safe

  4. bill waldron has 518 dollars brad steube 119,000 dollars who is big business backing here.there must be alot to lose for the sheriff seems like he has is own agenda.you'd think 14 murders and 14 murderurs on the loose someone would get caught how is brad steube going to protect manatee county if he cant manage his own people.the jail needs a million in repairs the deputies need 5.5 million for raise and operating cost of 98 million dollars all ready.can we afford this with all the foreclosers and people moving out of this county with property values dropping why is the sheriff department keep asking for more money.people are struggling in this economy its hard enough putting food on the table and our sheriff keeps ask for more money higher taxes.i work hard for what i have i pay my taxes im honest i do the right thing now we need a sheriff that can do the right thing someone honest someone that can admit wrong doing no cover up the farm and say there no evidence people arent stupid or will see if people are stupid come electing time

  5. How about the regular folks of manatee county not vote for the candidate with the most money ..clear sign they are not on their side.

  6. Stop cryin. Steube is the best canidate.

  7. No Steube is not the best man for the job. Steube is a very corrupt person. He has no clue as to what is going on at the Sheriff dept. He does not speak the truth and covers up many things. If you notice, most of his campaign contributions come from the same parent company. I do not want 4 more years of this. I will vote for Bill Waldron. If he doesn't work out then we can vote him out in 4 years.

  8. Stube in my opinion is trying to justify everything so people won't question his accountability.Like giving us three different pages of "facts" are going to provided evidence that he has made a difference... I'm voting Bill Waldron.