Thursday, May 5, 2011

No more sex with animals and no more droopy drawers, says Florida Legislature

Animals in the state are closer to living in a safer Florida, after the House of Representatives on Wednesday finally got around to approving Senate Bill 344, a ban on humans having sex with animals.

Marc Caputo of the Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau explains:
After three years, the Florida House dropped its inexplicable opposition to banning sex with animals. For years, the bill was blocked from coming up, with former Republican leader Adam Hasner repeatedly saying that a bestiality ban would become a mockery and would lead to unwelcome publicity about how lawmakers wasted time. Incidentally, the vote took less than two minutes.
The votes were unanimous, on March 24 in the Senate, and on Wednesday in the House.

In a totally unrelated development, the Florida House finally broke its resistance to legislation, Senate Bill 228 that bans kids in school from exposing their underwear or their butt cracks. The vote was 101-15.

The Senate in March unanimously approved the measure.

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