Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Did the Florida Legislature accidentally ban sex between humans in Florida?

Did the Florida Legislature accidentally prohibit humans from having sex when it adopted a measure designed to stamp out bestiality in the Sunshine State?

A blogger with the moniker "Southern Fried Scientist," seems to think so, the crux of his argument being that humans are animals, too, and  the bill, Senate Bill 344, is so poorly written that it doesn't make a distinction between you and your dog.

The argument comes complete with a graphic:

The "scientist" concludes:
So if you’re living in Florida on October 1, 2011 and would like to have sexual intercourse with a consenting adult, please check with your veterinarian or local livestock breeder first to make sure you abide by  ”accepted animal husbandry practices, conformation judging practices, or accepted veterinary medical practices.”
 (H/T The Buzz)

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  1. I'm confused. Does this mean I can keep the sheep or not?