Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Manatee Tea Party organizing Tallahassee trip to lobby on immigration

The Manatee Tea Party is organizing a trip to Tallahassee to lobby state lawmakers on immigration-related issues.

The trip is set for April 25-27, and may be extended to the 28th, according to a news release.

Specifically, Tea Party members are being asked to lobby lawmakers to support an Senate Bill 2040, which  would require employers to electronically verify the immigration status of employees.

"Illegal immigration is costing you $1,117 per head of household in taxes, plus an unknown amount for unemployment benefits," the release states.

The agenda for those who go is simple and to the point: "We will ask for their vote and keep a tally of who will support the taxpayers of Florida and who will not."

Floridians for Immigration Enforcement (FLIMEN) will pick up the hotel bill, according to the release.

Those interested in making the trip can e-mail Julie Hood at

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