Monday, April 11, 2011

Hey, Charlie Crist, rock and roll never forgets (UPDATED)

Watch Charlie Crist's apology below.

Former Gov. Charlie Crist and Talking Heads frontman David Byrne have reached a settlement in a lawsuit Byrne brought against Crist after the governor used the Talking Heads hit, "Road to Nowhere," in a commercial for his Senate campaign last year.

The Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau reports:
Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has quietly settled a lawsuit filed by Talking Heads musician David Byrne who accused the one-time Republican candidate of misappropriating a song in an attack ad.

The details of the settlement, which was tentatively reached last week in Tampa, are confidential. During the talks, some observed that Crist and Byrne palled around and seemed like old friends.

“It was kind of like that,” Crist said with a laugh. “He’s a wonderful guy. A very kind man. I really have great respect for him. He’s an incredible artist. We had a good interaction last week and a nice settlement. And I’m very pleased.”

Crist was represented by his new employer, trial attorney John Morgan, in mediation.

Byrne had sued for $1 million after Crist’s U.S. Senate campaign released a January 2010 YouTube web video that attacked Marco Rubio and featured the 1985 Talking Heads’ hit “Road to Nowhere.”

Crist’s campaign did not seek permission from Byrne, other members of the Talking Heads or Warner Brothers.

Byrne found out about it and quickly demanded that Crist’s campaign pull the ad off the web, which it did. But Byrne didn’t stop there. He pressed ahead with a suit alleging copyright infringement.

“I was pretty upset," Byrne told last year. The suit, he told “is not about politics...It’s about copyright and about the fact that it does imply that I would have licensed it and endorsed him and whatever he stands for."
We don't want to risk Byrne's wrath by posting the campaign video.

But here is the original.

Charlie Crist's apology:

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