Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ads target Buchanan for voting in favor of Medicare overhaul

National Democrats plan to launch radio and web ads targeting Republicans for backing a 2012 budget proposal that would overhaul Medicare. All but 4 House Republicans voted for the measure Friday.

The targets include Rep. Vern Buchanan. The campaign includes radio ads, web ads (complete with a senior stripper) automated and live phone calls, and sending "action alert" e-mails beginning today in 25 targeted districts, including Buchanan’s.

Politico notes that the GOP group, American Crossroads "snarked" at the amount of money Dems are putting up for the ads. In Buchanan's case? $220.

"Did you know Congressman Vern Buchanan voted to end Medicare forcing seniors to pay $12,500 for private health insurance, without guaranteed coverage?" the ad says. "Tell Buchanan to keep his hands off our Medicare."

Republicans seek to change Medicare, the health insurance program for seniors and some disabled, so that people retiring after 2021 get federal payments to help them buy coverage. Democrats want to preserve the current system but find ways to cut costs.

-- Lesley Clark, Herald Washington Bureau.

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  1. A whole lot of us need to tell "Call Me Vern" that he needs to break his Republican Compact with Satan and start representing his constituents instead of against us.

    Perhaps if we all say it at once, we can get Vern to come back to us: "FOUL REPUBLICAN SPIRITS, COME OUT!!!"