Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Magazine: Florida has the 6th worst state legislature

In ranking the nation's 50 state legislatures, a writer for Mother Jones magazine concludes that the bodies offered the best possible argument for gridlock. After all, sometimes getting things done can be a lot worse than the alternative."

Florida's was rated the sixth worst legislature, better than only statehouses in Tennessee (the worst), Oklahoma, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Georgia.

Here's the case, according to Mother Jones, against the Florida Legislature:
GOP State Sen. Joe Negron, chair of the Subcommittee on Health and Human Services Appropriations, proposed slashing $76 million from the state's mental health budget,arguing that the mentally ill were simply weak-willed and should learn to fend for themselves. 
"I would argue that the majority of things that people do that cause negative things to happen to [them] and the people they care about are not a result of the lack of information, they're a result of a lack of willpower, a lack of discipline, a lack of character." 
Under committee bill 7170 "information relating to the outsourcing or privatization of an agency function" would remain non-public until after said contract had already been agreed to. Because why would you want to know about the state's private prison contracts? 
On the plus side, state legislators have abandoned their push to legalize dwarf-tossing.

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