Monday, September 24, 2012

New campaign TV ad touts Buchanan's 'blue collar background'

One of the wealthiest members of Congress, U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan on Tuesday will begin running a television campaign commercial that touts his "blue collar background" and "can-do spirit" make him well suited to stand up for the American middle class, according to his campaign.

In the ad, the narrator does not get more specific than to say that in Congress, Buchanan "fights for lower taxes, a balanced budget, and incentives for small businesses to create good-paying jobs."

In a news release, Buchanan campaign manager Sally Tibbetts said the ad highlights Buchanan's background as a businessman and a "problem solver."

"Vern is fighting to change Washington's broken system, not play petty partisan games like so many members of Congress from both sides of the aisle," Tibbetts said. "He's interested in results -- paying down the debt, creating jobs, restoring America's prosperity.''

The ad, the second spot Buchanan has produced for his campaign, is set to air on local over-the-air and cable channels, according to the campaign.

Buchanan's Democratic challenger, Keith Fitzgerald, has yet to release a television ad.

Here is the new Buchanan ad:

And here is a link to his first ad.


  1. Great ad - nice to see two positive ads in a row, given how negative so many have been this election season. Buchanan's a class act.

  2. It would be foolish to not re-elect Rep. Buchanan, who sits as a majority member of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee and as Vice Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. These positions give Buchanan great influence in Washington on behalf of this area.

    Keith Fitzgerald would be nothing more than a gofer for the ultra liberal Nancy Pelosi and have absolutely no influence in Congress.

  3. Vern is part of the problem and not the solution.

  4. Recently the Feds have charged a auto dealer named Joe Gibson in South Carolina for all of the issues that I and others have asked the feds to charge Buchanan with in Florida.

    The feds already were successful in charging two auto dealers in central Florida and closed the dealerships and got jail time for the dealers.

    Yet even with all of the internal and external company documents and testimony from former partners and employees, the feds have failed to act.

    They have been given a lot more hard documents and hard first hand testimony than the feds have had in all three of the named cases.

    Yet they pass on Buchanan.

    Is it a lack of evidence or political favors at work here.

    Goes to show that justice is not for all.

    Is Buchanan smarter than the feds, or has the feds given Buchanan a free ride because they are they afraid of his political connections.

    He beat the IRS years earlier with the his failed printing company taxes.

    Now he is doing it again.

    You can not get any lower than using family against family (Huber) and taking advantage of a charity like Habitat for Humanity for personal gain.