Friday, September 17, 2010

Citizens group endorses Knight, Galle for Manatee commission seats

A local citizens group formed earlier this year to support candidates for the Manatee County commissioner who would be more responsive to "neighborhood interests than to special interests in the development community," has endorsed two Democratic candidates in the Nov. 2 general election.

In the District 6 at-large race, the Manatee Coalition for Responsible Government has endorsed Sundae Knight in her bid to unseat incumbent GOP commissioner Carol Whitmore.

Whitmore, said MCRG in a news release, is "an entrenched incumbent heavily financed by developer funds."

"Sundae's professional experience as an engineer and problem-solver across a wide range of issues would be of considerable benefit to the citizens of Manatee County," the news release states.

And in District 4, the MCRG is backing Roger Galle, who is running against Republican candidate Robin DiSabatino. The MCRG had endorsed Norm Luppino in the Aug. 24 primary.

"Roger's opponent has taken substantial contributions from developer and related business interests," the news release states. In contrast, Roger is committed to act on behalf of the citizens of Manatee County and has declared that District 4 is not for sale."

The MCRG-backed candidates trail far behind their respective opponents in fund-raising.

As of Aug. 19, Knight had raised less than $2,400; compared to more than $75,000 raised by Whitmore, according to reports filed with the Manatee County elections office.

In District 4, Galle had raised more than $3,300; compared to more than $117,000 raised by DiSabatino.

Earlier this year, the MCRG had endorsed Michael Gallen, who ousted incumbent Commissioner Gwen Brown in the Aug. 24 Democratic primary. Gallen is unopposed in the general election.

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  1. I was a Carol Whitmore fan until a week or so ago. The Commissioners were talking about farmers being able to sell vegetables on the side of the road or something of that nature. Carol made a comment something like "We make the laws here. We can do whatever we want" I just about threw something at the television. She's history as far as I am concerned. I will NEVER vote for her again. That's my view.