Tuesday, August 17, 2010

McCann: 'I am not bought and paid for'

His opponents have been touting endorsements from prominent groups like the Florida Chamber of Commerce and Associated Industries of Florida. But consider Florida House candidate Robert McCann unimpressed.

In response to a post Monday about recent endorsements for his Republican rivals Jeremiah Guccione and Greg Steube, and our conclusion that business favored either one of them over him, McCann sent us the following e-mail:
Your presumption and innuendo is NOT true and unfair. I have no special interest endorsements, no liberal media, and I am not bought and paid for. I do not want these endorsements if I have to change my stance on any issue. In fact, some concerned citizens have been sending emails and Facebook has quotes on these types of endorsements. Print these if you will...
McCann, Guccione and Steube are running for the GOP nomination in House District 67.

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