Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Manatee voter turnout low

Between apathy and rain showers, 24 percent of Manatee County voters cast ballots in Tuesday’s primary to choose gubernatorial candidates, county commissioners and school board members.

That translates to 48,843 of the 202,436 registered voters braving the rain to go to the polls, said Bob Sweat, Manatee County Supervisor of Elections.

Charles Bullock, a political science professor at the University of Georgia, said voter turnout can be hampered by rainy weather — in particular the Democratic turnout.

“That’s the problem, you have to be particularly interested. If your next door neighbor is running for school board, then you’ll stop and vote,” he said. “If you’re marginally interested, then any little thing can dissuade you.”

Read more in Wednesday's Herald.

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  1. If you did not vote then you can't complain. If you did vote then you have the right to complain!!!