Monday, March 29, 2010

Tampa woos GOP convention -- how about Manatee?

Organizers of the Republican National Convention have been in the Tampa Bay area today to scout possible sites for the 2012 convention.

Committee members are looking at hotels, transportation, restaurants and nightlife, as well as facilities that could be involved in the event, such as the Tampa Convention Center, St. Pete Times Forum and Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, the Associated Press reported.

The group will compare the area's amenities with those in Salt Lake City and Phoenix, the two other cities vying to host the GOP convention, which is one of the nation's largest political events.

According to the St. Pete Times, the 10-member committee and about 10 GOP staff members were greeted by dozens of people waving American flags and elephant-adorned signs.

They were led to the St. Pete Times Forum, the proposed main convention site, by the Mystic Sheiks of Morocco playing Kool and the Gang's Celebration.

Did they take the time to come across the Skyway Bridge and check out Manatee County's amenities? We'll get Manatee officials' reactions -- check back on Tuesday, here and in the Herald.

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