Sunday, March 21, 2010

Buchanan: Health bill raises taxes, cuts Medicare (UPDATED)

Just after 5 p.m. today, U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan took to the well of the U.S. House to again express his distaste with the health care bill put forth by Democrats.

Lesley Clark, the Bradenton Herald's Washington correspondent, reports that Buchanan, R-Sarasota, said the bill does "nothing to lower costs, or little to lower costs, it raises taxes $540 billion and it cuts Medicare. Being in business for 30 years and signing the front of payroll checks, I can tell you that one of the biggest concerns with small businesses is the escalation of health care.

"It's $10,000 to $12,000 today for a small business and a family, (Congressional Budget Office) is saying if we do nothing about it and this bill does nothing about it, it will go to $28,000 in the next 10 years. It also increases taxes $540 billion, a lot of those taxes are passed through to small businesses. ... It hurts working families and it will not increase jobs.

"As someone that represents an area that has the most seniors in the country, we have real cuts, not just waste fraud and abuse, of $500 billion and this will really hurt seniors."

Buchanan said he had a senior recently tell him: "All I have is my Social Security and Medicare. It's not perfect, but don't mess with my Medicare."

UPDATED, 6:45 p.m. EDT - The office of House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer put out a statement disputing Buchanan's claim about the health care reform bill cutting funding to Medicare:
"There are no cuts to Medicare benefits. Rather, this bill strengthens Medicare - extending its solvency by nine years and closing the “donut hole.” These false claims are yet another attempt by Republicans to mislead and scare. In fact it’s Republicans who have been long-time opponents of Medicare and are proposing to voucherize it."
UPDATED, 10:45 p.m. — Here is the video of Buchanan's speech


  1. not only is buchanan wrong he is also showing how lacking he is is experience or exposure to the real world I was involved in his last alledged Town meeting) I just got this new phone number I guess he was expecting me to be a Rep his gatekeeper on the phone near paniced when they asked me what I was going to ask I was of course not allowed to speak

  2. I'm now watching the "debate" on C-Span. The way the Democrats are jamming this bill down the throats of Americans is disgraceful. I've never voted a straight party line, but now I am sure, I will never cast a ballot for a Democrat as long as I live. The Democrats have become the party of deception and secret deals.

  3. stop repeating the same old lies and count yourself lucky no one sues you for slanderous statements brought on by your obvious only source of information>>> the fox ditto heads like Wacko Beck? Rush idiot >and the rest of the nuts out there whomever you are(I am annonymous cause I can't post w/o pretending to be) Jamming it down our ??? can you say Iraq etc> fear mongering last 8 years < get your head out of McCains ass and say hello to whats her face while your there looking for innocent animals or mideast children you and your ilk leave behind dead and crying Then go find a mirror and tell yourself how holy and patriotic you are

  4. Nope, I don't need Fox or the other clowns to recognize a skunk. They all look the same, and they all stink. This will be the end of the Democrat party.

  5. one last time from this annony. (1,3,4 )
    if you really are listening to the repubs as they babble live right now on c-span,,, can you actually still call yourself an american?? what a bunch of repetetive empty headed hypocritters......... the sky is ?? falling ? Listen carefully for one second my poor misguided Stop w/ the gloom and doom propaganda and ask your self,,,Why are ins. corps so strongly opposed No more VA,, MEDICARE,,MEDICAID,, or any other category everyone Equal... You remember That Word ??
    Every else in the World Pays with a %of 5-9 off payroll cheques Starting w/ 1st payday to their gov
    Small bus. doesn't buy any ins. big corps neither they wont need to but any for anyone> patient sees doc doc sends bill to gov,,,gov pays doc. [[ err right now pt. see M.D. ins corp gets bill from doc then tries as hard as is legal... usually... to NOT Pay Doc ]] yet today we still hear Repubs saying gov will somehow take over health Hummmm if I were a doc would I want every one and every procedure available to be on the provider list ( yellow pages) , or would i rather keep it as is and not be abble to even see pts. xyz because Wicked Wanda in the ivory tower of healthcorp X says nah?? Get a real idea about the potential Don't just listen to those fear peddeliars

  6. are you listening now as rep.Boehner is asking stupid questions and answering the way his wild fantasy world would?? what new taxes Seniors wont lose anything they (if done right) should never pay another $ part a b c d or whatever.. abortion? are you serious?? who gives a crap about that issue it's .00001 % of anyone I care list and besides who asked him or me or you
    By the way are breast augs covered personally I would not allow that selfish altering of ???God?'s work and why intervene if God says its time no madical intervention What would you say to that

    Put it simple for you Would you rather pay the gov 100 or pay the insurence CEO's 1000 per month for health care .
    Remember first though the pre-existing provider list try Not to cover Present to the Potential future GOV.. Who would you rather simply pay doctors.. Thats all ins corps do TAKE YOUR $$$ premiums,, TAKE THEIR cut then pay doc ( thats all they do ) what would the big bad GOV do m TAKE YOUR $$$ 5-9 % off pay cheques then pay doctors

    $100/mth Gov VS $1000/mth for CEO Brand health care money-giving to docs ??

  7. Tort reform would take care of most of your dribble. Not in the bill! I know, and we all know reform is needed. Not this rushed, ambush the Libs are throwing at us while tearing up the Constitution. Real reform is needed and important. This bill will cost jobs and negatively effect the economy..... Got to love Pelosi. What a brain child!

  8. Now I really am sorry for you
    Tort reform ? 1% of the problem 1st>> it is covered in the bill. Clever how a tiny issue (this and abortion) can confuse YOU so easily..So you think that if a bad medical event happens no lawsuits should ever be allowed or are they just okay if you want one?
    Do you think all med. suits are by libs?>>NO HEALTHCARE FOR ANYONE BECAUSE YOU DON"T WANT POOR DOC X TO BE SUED IF HE"S WRONG?? Sure lets forget it all???RUSHED??? Surely you jest Ambush ( do I hear FOX news or Beck or Ann Poultry playing in your background) TEARING up the CONSTITution ( note: sorry pal looks like it just passed.......cover your head the sky is falling>>no wait... it's the sound of cheering all across the USA))Go READ THE CONSTIT. Ask yourself who has shredded what in the past ten years This NEW bill will create more jobs than you Repbs. can stand and Rove and the boys know it The ECONOMY WILL NOW BE ABLE TO IMPROVE , INDEED my poor brainwaterboarded( and seeming liking it)fellow annom. Friend $$$$ will be more available for doctors as everyone will NOW (if done right) be a possible customer Sleep better tonight I'M sure I will.Also too, as well and,,,,, You're right THANK YOU .>>>MISS PELOSI your mother would be proud

  9. Easy on the keyboard! At least Pelosi can afford her own lift. Pay attention. You'll see. This is the beginning of the end of the Democrats. Sleep well tonight.

  10. I am actually using Dragon 'cause my fingers are too crippled from digging up turnips??GET IT :)
    I guess our little talk is over for now Thank you Really for a bit of intelligent wordplay FOR A CHANGE except that I think you really do still believe the insane bobble headed rightm wingo's who's faces actually turn bright red while they continue to insist that their haelthecare world is flat Can I reveal my (nearly true ) identlty rickontheradio5 erstwhile ( look it up) talk show host You will then understand how hard I have tried to help folks like you understand even though Rush Beck et. al. (look that up too) have tried even harder to confuse By the way?? how's that war thing going for the repubs are you sleeping well on that pillow you and your crowd concerned all of us with?? how did we sleep that off//OH THAT"S RIGHT Sleep well with the legacy of your choice TONIGHT I sleep a little better than say 2 years ago