Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Manatee legislative delegation to meet Dec. 15

The Manatee County legislative delegation will hold its annual meeting Dec. 15 to "hear presentations on proposed local bills, general presentations, and constituent issues," according to a news release.

Just don't go before legislators with your hat in hand. Florida's budget crunch means once again, lawmakers will not be able to return from Tallahassee with funding for local projects.

The release continues:
"(P)lease be advised that the delegation will not be receiving or hearing any budget requests as directed by the following statement issued by the Senate President:

'Given the continuing fiscal challenges our state is facing and our need to focus efforts on solutions to balance the state’s budget, we will not be opening the Community Budget Issue Request System (CBIRS) this year. With the further decline in state revenues, it is my desire to avoid creating unrealistic funding expectations.'"
For more information or for those seeking to be placed on the delegation agenda contact Margaret Clark at (941) 727-6349 or by e-mail at

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