Friday, December 4, 2009

Governor's office's phone blooper gets steamy

Tiger Woods isn't the only newsmaker whose voice mail message has gotten him into trouble this week.

Editors at the Bradenton Herald are always reinforcing with reporters the importance of double-checking the telephone numbers they might include with their stories, since readers depend on us to provide them with correct information.

And we don't want to be embarrassed like Gov. Charlie Crist had to be when it was revealed this week that because of a phone number mix-up, Crist for some two months had been encouraging callers wanting more information about the Florida KidCare health insurance program to call a phone sex line.

Unlike Woods, Crist wasn't trying to organize a cover-up of his own bad behavior, but you'd have to think the governor's tan got a little darker this morning if he happened to catch the folks at "Morning Joe" having a good laugh at his expense over the mix-up.

The governor's office has corrected the mistake, but you can hear it all here, via the Palm Beach Post.

For the record, the correct number for more information about KidCare is (888) 540-5437.

We double-checked.

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