Friday, October 2, 2009

Former county planner running for Manatee commission

Norm Luppino

Norm Luppino
, a former Manatee County planner for 23 years, is running for a seat on the Manatee County Commission.

Luppino, a Republican, is seeking the District 4 seat now held by Ron Getman, who last month announced he would not be running for re-election next year. Luppino is a neighbor of Getman's in the Whitfield neighborhood of southern Manatee.

In a news release, Luppino, 50, said he "understands the issues that affect the economic vitality of our community, the preservation of older neighborhoods and the importance of requiring new development that is sustainable and compatible."

Luppino is the second Republican to enter the race. The first was Robin DiSabatino, a local Realtor. The sole Democrat so far is Roger C. Galle.

The party primaries are set for Aug. 24.

Luppino holds a master's degree in urban planning and has 25 years of work experience, giving him the "knowledge and insight to address the special needs of our district," the release states.

As a county planner, Luppino worked on several major development projects, including University Park Country Club, Creekwood, Lakewood Ranch, Tara, The Concession and Heritage Harbour.

He also has been active with several non-profit groups, including the American Heart Association, Keep Manatee Beautiful and Crosley Estate Foundation.


  1. Luppino has the experience and knowledge to bring Manatee forward.
    We have a chance to elect people that are not tied to special interest, the primary reason why the county is in such shape.

  2. Luppino has called for Democrats to change their party affiliation to vote for him in the Republican Primary, then informs them they can change it back after the primary. Norm is very liberal and earned the endorsement of the Sierra Club which is the most liberal Democrat organization in this country. The Sierra club is requiring that candidates be in favor of Cap-n-Trade and carbon related legislation.

    Republicans must not allow the Democrats to corrupt our republican primary. Vote for either of the other 2 Real Republican Candidates in the race,Ribin Disabatino Republican or Tim Norwood Tea-Party Republican. Say "NO TO THE RINO".

  3. Luppino also took money from Pat Neal, one of the top 2 special interests in Manatee County!

    Don't be fooled, he is in bed with special interest just like Disabatino.

    Sid Gillman