Thursday, October 29, 2009

Buchanan: U.S. doesn't need 'partisan' health reform

Not surprising to anyone who has been following his public statements on health care reform, U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Sarasota, this afternoon blasted the health care bill released today by House Democrats.

Here is his statement:
“We need reform to provide more affordable, accessible, quality health care for all Americans,” said Buchanan. “Unfortunately, instead of a bipartisan effort to reduce costs without jeopardizing care, House Democrat leaders have emerged from behind closed doors with a partisan bill that creates a government-run insurance plan, increases the deficit, cuts Medicare and threatens to kill jobs by taxing small businesses.
“My constituents have spoken loud and clear,” continued Buchanan. “They are opposed to Washington bureaucrats making health care decisions best left to doctors and patients. I will continue to oppose a Washington takeover of health care and work for common sense reforms to reduce costs, increase portability, and provide coverage for individuals with preexisting conditions.”
Buchanan has introduced a bipartisan resolution, with 136 co-sponsors, to end closed-door, secret negations on health care reform. The resolution, H. Res. 847, demands that all conference committee meetings on the health care bill be conducted in the open under the watchful eye of the American people.


  1. Closed doors-secret negations are why I and millions of other Americans do NOT trust our elected officials. Let's hope that Buchanan's resolution to end it , is passed immediately if not sooner

  2. So far, Buchanan has backed the ultra-partisan Republican "line" the favors Socialized Medicine for Socialist Security receipients and "Hurry up and die" health care for everyone else. Yeah, right.

  3. We are lucky to have Buchanan representing us. He is a voice of reason. Why would anyone want DC power brokers to have closed dorr secret meetings?????? It doesnt matter what party you are with it just doesnt make sense.

    Roblimo, I think if you want more services you should have to pay more taxes rather than taxing everyone. Maybe we can get together on April 15th and I can have you cut me a check to pay your fair share for what you are asking the rest of us to pay for.