Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Galvano: With health care, a little prevention goes a long way

State Rep. Bill Galvano can almost empathize with lawmakers in Washington trying to reform the nation's health care system.

The problem, says Galvano, is that it is a "system that has been created backwards," designed to respond, if that, to crises and catastrophes, and the expensive costs they bring, than in nipping potential problems at the earliest stages for the benefit of patients and taxpayers.

Over a chicken-fried steak lunch on Tuesday, Galavano, R-Bradenton told the Kiwanis Club he has tried to change the state's approach to health care, focusing more on prevention, especially for children, so that the little problems don't grow out of control. Galvano, in the Legislature since 2003, touted changes in the Medicaid funding formula, children's health care insurance, adoptions and an emergency room diversion program as examples of how Florida has tried to address health care-related challenges before they grow out of control.

Other topics Galvano addressed in his remarks included the federal economic stimulus program, the state's economic development efforts, his work negotiating a gambling compact with the Seminole Indian tribes and the state budget.

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  1. Galvano will throw caution to the wind on this subject. He like so many politicians have their eyes focused on re-election.