Monday, July 27, 2009

Following the campaign money not entirely easy

If you want to know if your friends, neighbors or co-workers have contributed to the U.S. Senate campaigns of Marco Rubio or Kendrick Meek, it's rather easy. Click on the right links, and up pops the list of donors for Rubio and Meek as listed on their most recent campaign finance reports and then you can search by name, city, etc. to find what or whom you are looking for.

You'll have to work a little harder to find who has donated to Charlie Crist's campaign. There isn't a similar, searchable link to take you to a list of individual Crist donors. (However, there is a link to the list of political action committees that have contributed to his campaign.)

You can generate a 884-page copy of Crist's filing detailing almost $4.4 million in contributions. To then find out who has donated to the governor's campaign, all you will need is time and a strong pair of eyes.

But then making it as easy as possible for the public to find out who is funding his campaign for Senate may not be Crist's top priority.

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