Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Poll shows Florida Gov. Rick Scott gaining on Democratic challenger Charlie Crist

Marc Caputo of the Miami Herald reports on the latest poll on the race for Florida governor:
Gov. Rick Scott is gaining ground on former Gov. Charlie Crist in the latest survey from Public Policy Polling, which shows the Democrat leads the incumbent by just 2 percentage points. 
In late September, when PPP last polled the Florida race, Crist led by 12 points.
That net loss of 10 for Crist is fueled in great part by Republicans, who appear to be coming home to the once-deeply unpopular Scott.
GOP voters have shifted 22 points in Scott’s direction as the governor solidifies his base, according to a comparison of the two surveys by the firm, which tends to poll for Democrats and liberals.
The poll indicates Democrats have shifted 9 points in Scott’s favor. Independents have barely changed on balance. Put it all together, and Crist’s 58-30 percent lead in September is now 43-41.
Scott’s improvement was bound to happen in Florida, an evenly divided state where close elections are the norm. Indeed, Scott isn't a strong candidate. He barely beats former Weston state Sen. Nan Rich, a Democrat, 40-34 percent.
Still, Scott's fortunes appear to be improving along with the overall condition of the economy. 
Scott and the Republican Party of Florida also spent money on paid TV ads in November bashing Crist, once a Republican governor, as an “opportunist.” 
Recently, the campaign and party have shifted focus and tied Crist closer to Obamacare, which likely helps drive GOP voters farther away from Crist.

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PPP also surveyed voters about Obamacare, same-sex marriage, guns, as well as the statewide race for attorney general. Read more here.

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