Monday, August 19, 2013

Democrat withdraws from Florida CFO race after news of his bankruptcies

Via the Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau:
Democrat Allie Braswell, a political unknown and Urban League official, dropped out of the race against Republican Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater on Monday, after a weekend of news reports about his three personal bankruptcies. 
The stories were first reported by the Jacksonville Times Union. 
Here's the press release from the Democratic Party: 

Tallahassee, FL — Today, CFO candidate Allie Braswell made the following statement: 
Against all odds, a boy who played on dirt roads in Oviedo grew up to serve this great nation as a US Marine, and work as an senior leader at one of America's most admired companies. That is what has always inspired me to serve, to ensure that today's boys and girls can live the American Dream. 
At the Urban League, I work every day with people who are struggling to make it. As I have experienced struggles in my life, so many people are struggling, and that is what inspired me to run for Florida's Chief Financial Officer -- to be a champion, standing up for the poor and middle class. 
Before I started this campaign I talked with supporters and friends and family. This weekend, I have again discussed this campaign with those I love, and have reached a decision. Today, I am withdrawing from the race for Florida's Chief Financial Officer. 
I have, at times, faced challenges in life that have not met with the outcomes I have desired. I take full responsibility for my actions, and apologize to my supporters. 
The bright spotlight of a statewide campaign has cast the ups and downs of my life into harsh relief, and I now know that this campaign is not the way I was meant to serve my community. 
Running statewide is a daunting challenge for any candidate; as a political outsider, I have now learned that I underestimated how my campaign would affect those I care about most.


  1. Good decision, well stated. Kudos for that.

  2. Bet he still has his house and fancy car.

    3 BKs and he wanted to control the books for the entire state?

    Florida is really the land of "Stupid".