Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gov. Rick Scott says 'No' to changing Florida's 'stand your ground' law

From Bay News 9, the governor today in Tampa:

Charles Schelle of the Bradenton Herald filed this after Scott appeared at a business roundtable at Mixon Fruit Farm in Bradenton:
Before any reporters could ask Scott, Ernie Withers, general manager of Mercedes-Benz of Sarasota asked what many in this country has on its mind: Will the Florida governor repeal the Stand Your Ground law? 
Scott didn't answer the question, and instead retold his history of involvement with the case, but said that the "process was right." 
"We have a jury system that is a sacred part of our country, and these six women put their lives on hold, and it had to be a tough, emotional case. They did their job," Scott said. "I can’t imagine losing a 17-year-old. I got daughters 28 and 30, and I have a grandson and two more on the way. I would not lose one of them, and I’m sure that family, their lives has changed. We should mourn with them."


  1. I hope that Gov.Scott stands his ground and NOT change the Stand Your Ground Law....Florida isn't the only Stte that has that Law...Don't those protestors have jobs????or are they all on welfare...How could they set there fro days IF they had a job. Harry Belafonte sounded like he was threatening Gov. Scott IF he didn't repeal the Law...