Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rep. Greg Steube has good reason to skip special session

State Rep. Greg Steube, R-Bradenton, has been excused from the Florida Legislature's special session this week because he's getting married this weekend.

The lawmaker was among those on a list of 15 members of the state House of Representatives and seven state senators excused from the start of today's legislative session on reapportionment.

Steube, 33, a son of Manatee Sheriff Brad Steube, wrote: "I respectfully ask for an excusal on March 14, 2012 ... due to my wedding on March 17."

Steube said his fiancee is Jennifer Retzer, of Sarasota.

He added that House members are driving or flying into Tallahassee today, but then are going right back out, since it is the Florida Senate that has serious work to do on its redistricting maps. The governor called the special session after the Florida Supreme Court invalidated 8 of 40 Senate districts; the court OK'd the House's redistricting plans.

-- Sara Kennedy

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