Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Watchdog group again asks Justice Department to investigate Buchanan

One of Vern Buchanan's most persistent nemeses is asking the U.S. Justice Department to open another investigation of the congressman.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington on Monday wrote the Justice Department, requesting it investigate allegations that Buchanan broke federal law by omitting certain positions he holds and income from his financial disclosure reports. The Office of Congressional Ethics last week reported it had found 17 positions that had been included on the list and more than $14,000 in income over four years that had not been properly reported.

Buchanan, who has denied wrongdoing, later amended the reports, saying the omissions were the result of "oversights."

The House Ethics Committee is reviewing the OCE report to determine whether to open a formal investigation.

“Rep. Buchanan’s list of crimes is seemingly unending," said Melanie Sloan, executive director of CREW. "There is already a criminal investigation into whether he violated campaign finance laws, and last August we had asked DOJ to explore whether he had also engaged in witness tampering, obstruction of justice, and bribery. Now it seems the congressman may have added false statements to his portfolio.”

Buchanan's campaign dismissed CREW's complaint.

“CREW  is a left-wing, partisan attack group funded by George Soros and run by Democrat operatives,” said campaign spokeswoman Sally Tibbetts.

(For a critical look at CREW's activities, including how it has filed more complaints against Republicans than Democrats, read this website.)

CREW was a driving force behind earlier allegations that Buchanan had directed a former business partner to improperly reimburse employees for contributions they had made to Buchanan's campaigns. The Federal Elections Commission investigated and last year closed its case without pursuing action against Buchanan.

Buchanan's attorneys have acknowledged that the Justice Department is conducting a separate investigation on whether Buchanan broke campaign finance laws. Justice does not comment on pending investigations.

Sloan said leaving the alleged disclosures violations to the Ethics Committee is "insufficient."

"First, who can have any confidence in a committee itself under an ethics investigation?" Sloan said. " In any event, deliberately filing false (personal financial disclosures) isn’t just an ethics violation, it is a federal crime.”

Buchanan is one of 10 Republicans four Democrats on its 2011 list of the "most corrupt " members of Congress. He was also on the 2008 and 2009 versions of the list.


  1. More BS. Over and Over again.

  2. I've got a better idea, why doesn't the Justice Department ARREST Jon Corzine for the theft of over $1 billion dollars in customer funds! May want to toss an indictment JP Morgan boss Jamie
    Dimon's way too because that's where most of the loot is stashed!

  3. Someone needs to investigate these idiots and their political games. Filing ridiculous complaints to muddy the waters. None of them have resulted in any criminal conduct or ethics violation, but "he was under investigation" is always brought up by his opponents. They always leave out the part about him being found NOT GUILTY.

  4. Good ol shoot the messenger tactics from the GOP. Not surprising, why answer questions when you can point at boogeyman Soros.

    Yup, "$14,000 in income over four years that had not been properly reported" seems like partisan hackery.

    So does Congressional investigators saying there “is substantial reason to believe” that Vern violated ethics laws.


  5. Typical Democrat Tactics. Throw as much unfounded garbage as you can and hope it makes your opponent look bad.

    Charlie Rangle should be in jail, but the Democrats give him a pass.