Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bradenton City Council member Patrick Roff leads Gingrich campaign in Manatee

Bradenton City Council member Patrick Roff has been named chairman of Newt Gingrich's campaign in Manatee County, according to The Buzz.

Gingrich's campaign made the announcement as part of the rollout of its organization in Florida in advance of the Jan. 31 presidential primary.

Gingrich's apparent chief rival for the Republican nomination, Mitt Romney, unveiled his Florida organization earlier this year. One of his statewide co-chairs is former state Sen. Pat Neal, one of the largest real estate developers in Manatee.

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  1. A. Why are the DISQUS profiles not available here?

    B. Gingrich certainly knows the ropes in the District. But can/will he be just another politician, or has he come to understand that 1) the size of government needs to be reduced by 2) a sharp and persistent, but yet compassionate, knife?

    C. The Republican Leadership is almost as much of a source of our problems as the Liberal Left. They have chosen to be staunch supporters of the monied status quo, instead of championing the cause of the Individual and Personal Responsibility, Freedom & Liberty.

    D. The current Republican Establishment, by its narrow-minded and short-sighted allegiance to the current set of power brokers, has unwittingly allowed itself to be co-opted by the Left. This failure to focus on traditional and basic Republican Principles, if allowed to continue, will hand the 2012 election to BHO on a platter.

    E. A little pain now, or a whole lot of pain later. What is your wish?