Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Manatee Commissioner Donna Hayes announces re-election bid


Donna Hayes, one of the more conservative voices on the Manatee County commission, has announced that she will seek re-election next year.

Hayes, a Republican first elected in 2004 from District 5, made the announcement today in an e-mail to supporters:
I wanted you to be among the first to know that have announced my intention to run for re-election to the Manatee County Commission in 2012. It is important to have your support just as you’ve offered your support as in years past because you are an important part of this community and an integral part of my campaign.

As your voice on the Commission, I’ve been a budget hawk searching for wasteful expenditure and fighting any suggestions of new tax increases. During my tenure, the millage rate has never increased. You and I understand that the last thing Manatee County businesses need are higher taxes and more burdens from government. That is why I did not support the gas tax and the occupational business tax.

Our local economy needs to be free of excessive regulation so business owners can create new jobs. I am reaching out to you because you understand and believe in this important fact. To reduce regulations, I supported the removal of 200 pages in the county code. Additionally, I support the business incentive program which allows new businesses the opportunity to locate in Manatee County by providing a tax reduction. As a result of this incentive program, over 2,800 jobs have been created in Manatee County since 2009. The average of these new jobs is $48,278 which is over 40% higher than the current average income.
District 5 covers East Manatee, including Lakewood Ranch.

The announcement included a solicitation from Hayes for financial contributions to her campaign.


  1. I wonder if she is going to do like she did the last time and get somebody to run as a "write in" candidate so she can keep the Independents and Democrats from participating in the election.

  2. Probably one of her neighbors, that is what is known for as well as trashing anyone who dares to run against her, in other words, here she goes again. Will she ever be gone

  3. She does not support citizens and has her own agenda which she shoves down people's throats. As an example, she has repeatedly pushed to build the expensive Tara Bridge, which hundreds of people on both sides of the Braden River don't want and need.

  4. Vanessa Baugh has filed to run for her seat and she will win. Goodby Donna.