Monday, December 20, 2010

FEC sues car dealer over contributions to Buchanan

The Federal Elections Commission has filed a lawsuit against a Jacksonville car dealership that the government alleges illegally reimbursed employees and others for contributions they made to U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan's election campaigns.

The FEC alleges in the suit, filed Friday in Jacksonville, that Sam Kazran, the owner of Hyundai of North Jacksonville, reimbursed employees and others almost $68,000 for money they donated to Buchanan for his first election bid in 2006 and his re-election effort in 2008.

"Beginning in 2005, Kazran arranged for HNJ employees and others to contribute to (Buchanan's campaign) and for such contributions to be reimbursed with HNJ funds," the complaint states, allowing Kazran to exceed federal limits on the size of contributions.

Buchanan formerly owned the dealership, selling a partial interest to Kazran in 2004 and his remaining interest in 2008.

The complaint does not allege Buchanan committed any wrongdoing.

In a statement released Monday, his campaign staff said, "The congressman's campaign brought this matter to the FEC's attention more than two years ago. Since neither Congressman Buchanan nor his campaign are parties to the litigation, we cannot comment any further."

The FEC is asking for a federal court to fine Kazran and to enjoin him from future violations.

To read the complaint, go here.

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  1. WHY isn't this posted as an article in the BH?? You'd think it would be, after all, he's our rep.