Monday, April 19, 2010

Aranibar takes fundraising lead in school board race

Julie Aranibar has jumped out to a wide lead over her rivals for the District 3 seat on the Manatee school board, according to finance reports filed with the Manatee County elections office.

As of March 31, Aranibar had raised more than $13,400 in cash and in-kind contributions, and spent almost $3,100.

By comparison, incumbent Jane Pfeilsticker had raised only $450, and a second challenger, Albert Yusko, had raised $2,240.

Aranibar raised all but $100 of her contributions during the first quarter of 2010. Her donors included school board member Bob Gause, who has contributed $100.

The race has also drawn the interest of members of the county commission.

Commissioner Donna Hayes has contributed $100 to Yusko; and Commissioner Carol Whitmore has contributed $150 to Aranibar.

For more, including a complete list of donors for each candidate, go here.

The school board election is Aug. 24, and if no one receives more than half the votes, the runoff will be Nov. 2.


  1. Gee, competing against Pfeilsticker who stated she would only serve one term - then, upon opting to run a second term can only inspire us with 'mobile' science buses (no money to pay for it... why does Jane seem to worry more about SCF than K-12?)... compared to Yusko, a recent addition to the community and prompted to run by county commissioner Donna Hayes who absolutely despises Julie Aranibar - a woman who certainly is involved with the schools but strikes me as being more interested in the paycheck than progress... let's see, she ran for county commission, Democrat, lost, switched parties... yeah, I'd say she is more interested in the check than holding to personal integrity...

  2. Dear Anonymous get your story straight.. Julie never ran as a democrat. She was an independent. However, lets remember the real issue at hand, who can do the best job on the school board. We have an incumbent who has accomplished nothing, a neighbor of Donna Hayes who has never even been to a school board meeting until he filed to run and Julie who has been very involved for years.

  3. If you look at who is donating to Julie, it is many insiders. The same insideers that have donated to the likes of Whitmore, Bennett, Cahppie and rest of the good old boy network. Julie learned this time that she needs the network to support her.
    She is a nice girl, but is doing it all wrong, all those donations will request favors.
    Like usualy, we are stuck with no one to vote for.

  4. Julie, what is it, do you want to be a County Commissioner or a School Board member? If you lose, will it be mosquito control next?

  5. Can anyone can post anything on these blogs? Seems like a great way to spread stories since you can post anonymous. From what is on record, Aranibar has been volunteering for committees and kids across the county since she got here so at least she cares and takes the time to know the issues and help solve problems. She doesn't seem to need a job and gives more time than those on the clock.

  6. Its a shame that good people get attacked so badly. Aranibar has truly given to the community more than anyone I know and she truly cares. Anonymous, we would be a better community if she is elected. Professionalism would be a good quality along with honesty which is not something I am seeing from others.

  7. Too bad julie is only looking for a job and this is easy money. Look at her money trail and you will see, Julie is out for Julie.
    Jane, you are not a great choice, but a better choice than what is being offered.

  8. We need an entire new board. Educational progress is flatlined. Community college changed to a State College (when will tuition jump) take trades out of school, locate at MTI and again jump tuition, work politically to do away with the GED, and always blame the parents and the students for their failure. We need responsible board membes that seek to change the static status quo of our district. Instead of worrying what they get paid, maybe our district could worry about how to TEACH Johnny how to read, do math, and know something about science!

  9. Interesting post, someone wants a job who has been giving time for a long time? Someone who volunteers in schools and the community is someone who is willing to put in the time needed at the School Board. This is not someone who signs up the month she files the papers to run, this is someone who has a long record of volunteering, sorry the attack doesn't hold water.

  10. I've personally worked with Julie Aranibar and her goals have ALWAYS been to make the school system better for Manatee children. I worked with her for many years when neither of us wanted, needed, or asked for a paycheck. She has actively been involved on a level that I have always admired. She has worked tirelessly and selflessly for many years to make Manatee County a better place. She has children in the system, and has long been a hands on volunteer in many arenas. I know this for fact because I've seen her do it. And, I'll sign my name,
    Cindye Baily