Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hayes, Chappie, Whitmore back DiSabatino in District 4

Republican primary voters next August will select their nominee for the District 4 seat on the Manatee County Commission, representing southern portions of the county.

Incumbent Ron Getman, a Republican, is retiring from electoral politics and is not running for re-election. Getman has not endorsed any of the three Republicans - Robin DiSabatino, Norm Luppino and Timothy Norwood - so far in the race, and he might not.

Three of Getman's commission colleagues are not so reticent.

Campaign finance reports filed last month show that DiSabatino received financial contributions of $500 from Donna Hayes and $100 each from commissioners John Chappie and Carol Whitmore.

In all, DiSabatino, a real estate broker, reported $25,350 in contributions - including $20,000 from her personal bank account. She also reported spending $272.81, mostly for postage, printing and voter lists.

The other two candidates, Luppino and Norwood, did not file financial reports. Democrat Roger C. Galle reported $100 in contributions, and expenses totaling $19.92.


  1. Financial support from the three stoogers should tell you who to not vote for. I heard that Robin is friends with Hayes, thus a friend of the developers.
    Just another seat warmer that will vote to destroy the county at the expense of the taxpayer.

  2. I wonder how many citzens of Manatee County have $20,000. sitting in their bank accounts to loan themselves in these times. Makes me think she may not have too much in common with her voters. How will she know and understand their problems like unempolyement?