Thursday, September 10, 2009

Galvano endorses Boyd to succeed him in Fla. House

Bill Galvano, left, and Jim Boyd

State. Rep. Bill Galvano
tonight endorsed Jim Boyd as the man he wants to succeed him in the Florida House of Representatives in next year's election. Galvano, R-Bradenton, cannot run for re-election because of term limits.

So far, Boyd, a Republican, is the only candidate in the race for House District 68, which covers western Manatee County.

Here is the news release issued by Boyd's campaign:
State Rep. Bill Galvano announced tonight his endorsement of Republican candidate Jim Boyd to succeed him in the Florida House of Representatives.

At a reception for Boyd at the Bradenton Yacht Club hosted by 50 community leaders from around the area, Galvano, who will leave the Florida House in November 2010 due to term limits, expressed confidence in Boyd’s ability to continue the outstanding leadership he has provided the citizens of District 68 since his election in 2002.

“I know and respect Jim Boyd, and I am confident that through his leadership, the people of District 68 will continue to have a strong voice in Tallahassee,” Galvano said.

Boyd expressed appreciation for Galvano’s endorsement. “I am truly grateful for Bill’s friendship and belief in me. I’m the only declared candidate for District 68, so he didn’t have to take a position in supporting me. I am truly humbled. Filling his shoes will be no small task.”

Boyd went on saying, “I am gratified by the support that so many people from our community have shown me. The same dedication and work ethic that has enabled me to be a successful business owner will also make me a successful advocate for District 68 and Manatee County. Our next financial report will show that even in these hard economic times we have raised approximately $100,000.

“One of my first priorities is to get people back to work,” Boyd said. “I believe the State Legislature has an important role to play in recruiting businesses to locate in Florida and encourage existing businesses to stay here. Additionally, if we expect to have a workforce that can compete in the 21st century, we must adequately fund K-12 and higher education.”

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