Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A preview of the Democratic plan for Crist?

So how do the Democrats run against Charlie Crist, if he wins the GOP nomination for a seat in the U.S. Senate?

The script may go something like this, as previewed in a news release this afternoon from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Communications Director Eric Schultz:
“Charlie Crist’s record in Florida is not one to be proud of. His administration has created an economic mess with record deficits, staggering unemployment, and a mortgage crisis that has hit nearly every Florida community. Too many in Florida are hurting because Governor Crist has failed to provide leadership and a way out of this mess. He’s jumping ship when he’s needed the most. That isn’t leadership – it is an abdication of responsibility.”

Florida Has 9.7% Unemployment Rate. In March 2009, Florida’s unemployment rate rose to 9.7%, significantly higher than the national 8.5% rate. Since a year prior (March 2008), Florida has lost 424,300 jobs. [Bureau of Labor Statistics, Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary, 4/17/09]

Florida Has Second Highest Foreclosure Rate.
Florida is currently ranked second in home foreclosure activity. Florida recorded 18,946 foreclosures in March, a 33 percent increase from February. [Orlando Business Journal, 4/15/09]

Floridians Facing Job Losses, Foreclosures, Dwindling Bank Accounts.
Crist is presiding over a historic collapse of the state's housing market, banking sector and construction industry, and a slowdown in tourism. Floridians struggle with job reductions, home foreclosures and dwindling bank accounts. [South Florida Sun Sentinel, 4/17/09]

Budget Hikes Taxes, Fees, Tuition While Cutting Spending, Including Elderly Care and State Workers’ Pay.
Lawmakers in Tallahassee have been wrestling with a $6 billion budget gap. The budget recently passed by lawmakers includes $2 billion in new fees and taxes, pay cuts for state workers, tuition hikes, and cuts to elderly healthcare. [Ledger, 5/04/09; News Herald, 5/08/09]

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